SVG icons for foldable content

jQuery plugin

jQuery plug-in for inserting inline SVG icons with transition support for toggling between two states, like list bullets for foldable lists, e.g. a right- or downpointing triangle with rotation transition. Other presets include a burger icon for a menu with transition to an X icon when opening the menu.

Motivation & Getting started

Please refer to the GitHub page (README) for more information, including Motivation, Getting Started and Customization.

Am I allowed to get a copy and use it even in a commercial project?

The answer's a „Yes, but…“! This open source software may even be used commercially without charge, as long as you accept and follow the license terms.

Where do I get it?


You can download the complete project package from GitHub, consisting of source JavaScript code (maintainable, human-readable code with documentory comments) as well as the minified script (for production use) along with Stylesheet (Less sources and generated CSS), demo page and README.
Usually, you won't need to use a Git client: simply use the “Download ZIP” button on the right of the GitHub project page. Unzip the file, and you'll find the minified JavaScript files in directory dist.

Please note: Only the master branch in GitHub contains stable releases you should download! Any other branches are unstable feature branches under development!


This plug-in has been published as npm module. If you have Node.js installed, you can simply use the npm package manager from your command line to download the module to your current working directory by calling:

npm install jquery-folding-arrow-icon