jQuery plugin

What is it?

This is the project home page of a jQuery plugin named ProgressPieSVG aimed to dynamically add colored SVG pie icons to HTML pages which visualize a simple percent number (or any other value transformable to a percent value). Particularly this may serve as a compact altenative to a progress bar.

Have a look at the examples to get the idea!

Am I allowed to get a copy and use it even in a commercial project?

The answer's a „Yes, but…“! This open source software may even be used commercially without charge, as long as you accept and follow the license terms.

Where do I get it?


You can download the complete project package from GitHub, consisting of source JavaScript code (maintainable, human-readable code with documentory comments) as well as the minified Scripts (for production use) along with the examples pages, documentation files etc.
Usually, you won't need to use a Git client: simply use the “Download ZIP” button on the right of the GitHub project page. Unzip the file, and you'll find the minified JavaScript files in directory js/min.

Please note: Only the master branch in GitHub contains stable releases you should download! Any other branches are unstable feature branches under development!


This plug-in has been published as npm module. If you have Node.js installed, you can simply use the npm package manager from your command line to download the module to your current working directory by calling:

npm install progresspiesvg

This npm download contains the JavaScript files (both minified versions for production and human-readable, maintainable “source” files) as well as the README and LICENSE. Examples and further documentation are not included in the npm package. You can refer to the examples and online documentation on this website. If you prefer downloading a full package including offline documentation, stick to the whole GitHub download instead!

What's new?

See Releases (on GitHub)