Isg WinCommand 1.1


What is Isg WinCommand?

There are several Command Lines / Command windows available for Windows.
The idea of Isg WinCommand was to combine the possibilities of a command prompt (DOS prompt) with the main possibilities of a file manager like changing directories or launching programs by mouseclick!

Isg WinCommand addresses all Windows users who know the main DOS commands and like to use a command line but also always see the disadvantages of pure command lines like the DOS box supplied by Windows, for example directory names have to be fully entered to change directories with a CD command. It would be much more comfortable to also habe the possibility of changing into the directory by mouse and then to work on with typed commands. That is one enhancement that Isg WinCommand provides.

One disadvantage of command windows like the standard DOS-Box of Windows is, that you just see a limited page and are not able to scroll, for example a filelist generated by the DIR command. That forced you to use parameters like /W or /P after the DIR command or to use the " | more" extension. In Isg WinCommand the results of the DIR-command are shown in the File Listbox on the right. You can scroll up and down and select a file to launch or to paste it's name into the command line (using the "#"-key). The current directory is not shown left of the prompt but as a tree in the left half of the window. Beneath the current directory it's subdirectories are listed. If the list is too long to fit into the box, you can scroll down...

Of course the command line of Isg WinCommand uses a history list, so you can recall the last typed commands by pressing the arrow up/down keys or by selecting it with the mouse from a dropdown list.

So now you're able to use DOS-Commands like del, copy, md, cd, dir *.exe etc. and yet you can select subdirectories or open files with long names by mouse, what can be quicker than typing the long name into a command. You get a quick way to filter a file list by DIR command (or by typing the filter directly into the filter line), faster than in most file managers.

Yet Isg WinCommand is not meant to replace a file manager, but it's an extension of your possibilites. Isg WinCommand doesn't support many file manager's features like file icons, multi-select etc., but you can always open a Windows Explorer Window of the current directory by clicking on the "Explore" SpeedButton. With the "Explorer"-SpeedButton you can launch Windows Explorer in it's "tree version". And since version 1.1 even drag&drop between Isg WinCommand and other Windows applications (esp. the Explorer) is supported..


Isg WaveSqueezer ScreenshotIsg WaveSqueezer ScreenshotIsg WaveSqueezer ScreenshotIsg WaveSqueezer Screenshot

By clicking on the speedbutton “Insert filename“ or by pressing the 'special key' (by default that is '#', but it can be changed) the selected filename is inserted into the command line. If no filename is selected, the 'special key' inserts the current filter instead.