Isg WinCommand 1.1

Version history

New in Version 1.1 was:

  • New is the support of drag&drop between Isg WinCommand and other Windows applications like the Explorer (for copying or moving) or for opening documents by dragging them into the window of the target application.

  • Also new is the Batch Execution window where you can enter several commands for executing them all at once (or saving them as a batch file).

  • And a popup menu has been added to the file listbox with commands for executing program files, opening documents (with the standard application) or viewing text files directly with Isg WinCommand.

New in Version 1.11 was:

  • Bugfix: After double-clicking on a file, the next movement of the mousecursor over the file listebox could sometimes result in a pseudo-drag&drop operation, causing the batch execution window to open. This is now fixed.

  • Now files may not be dropped into their source directory any more.

New in Version 1.12 was:

  • Changed from Shareware to Freeware

  • Fix: Program path may now contain spaces (e.g. like in “Program Files”).

New in Version 1.13 is:

  • Main window now scalable

  • Option to save window positions on exiting

  • New look: Different window styles (skins) available

  • Batch execution now really executes all commands sequentially instead of parallely.