Isg WaveSqueezer

Version history

New since Version 1.3a:

  • Bugfix for Windows 98/Me: Error message displayed when converter command was too long for That could happen especially when trying to call the converter with tag informations. Now fixed.

New since Version 1.3:

  • New option added to turn off the removing of the artist's name when generating the track title tag from the wave file's name.

New since Version 1.2:

  • The "add file" button is now a "add file(s)" button: The file open dialog it opens now supports selecting more than just one file.

  • Version 1.2(b): In the original version 1.2 the language resource files had not been updated correctly, recognizable by wrong button captions in the dialog for choosing the target directory. Version 1.2(b) fixes this problem.

New since Version 1.1:

  • Now you can choose a Bitrate for conversion. In Version 1.0 different bitrates could only be used by creating new conversion scripts for other bitrates, now you can choose the bitrate directly in Isg WaveSqueezer menu, it is passed to the script as parameter.

  • Version 1.1 now supports Decoding: You may now convert MP3 files back to WAV format. One conversion script for this purpose is included.